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  1. The thick welts of cane strikes, thin stripes of whip strikes, and soft, diffuse bruises of flogger impacts are going to show o Claire Adams is no stranger to the trials of being in a cage. We can't wait to unwr

  2. Being uncomfortable is not new. Cherie is the complete package. When the vaginal exam gets a little too painful OT the doctor has to restrain her to get a better view inside.

  3. What can I say about Cherie DeVille that her fans don't already know? They look at him and see all of their fantasies about being powerless and used playing out in their heads. We are going to have to take our devices and get really creative. She has been around us so long that surprising her takes a bit more creativity, but that is alright. The old man told me he doesn't trust OT.

  4. When we get a Luci it's our responsibility to make sure she goes home happy. Well, little Miss Elise Graves, I hope you are ready for a day full of rope, cocks and canes because that is what you are looking at. And she should be. We have some toys that we only break out on special occasions and she is going to get to play with

  5. She wants to have an experience where someone controls her fate and makes her do something that she doesn't want to do. She is a hot year old that loves being a slave so much that she does it for a living, as well as at home. Her Turn 37 Desperate to avoid jail time, big butt hooker Liza Row grabs officer Brick's dick when he attempts to arrests her for solicitation.

  6. There is a wooden horse nearby that would be perfect for splitting a wet pussy in two. She cries but enjoys stiff cock moving in her! Being tied up and abandoned on the floor is not nearly as bad what he wants to do to her. Katharine Cane has a limited tolerance for pain, just like anyone else.

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